Excerpts from The Diaries of Joseph and Mary – He is Born

Mary has fallen asleep; the child is in her arms nursing contentedly. All is calm now and the stars are shining brighter than I have ever seen them before. I don’t know how Mary can sleep, my mind is racing my very soul is pulsing, and all the fear and worry are gone.

There were no rooms available and the innkeepers were impatient, harsh even. They see in the census a gold mine for themselves. One offered us to use a stable and charged a dear price for it. I was heartbroken that I could do no more for Mary and the child. Mary’s time came and she delivered the child and what I beheld I will never forget.

The cave was alight with shining beings and the night was filled with their music such as I had never heard before. Angels from God, they surrounded the Child and Mary and I bathed in the glow of their radiance and all I could feel was profound love and joy. A fragrance of sweet flowers filled the cave where the animals had been. Mary seemed to be in ecstasy, her face reflecting the light emanating from the celestial guardians. After a time the Angels seemed to withdraw just a bit, they hovered above and behind her but the front of the cave they left open. Shepherds from the fields came, very hesitantly, the fear on their faces was evident but one of the Angels bade them to come closer and fear not. Indeed, he proclaimed to the Shepherds, Rejoice!

They brought gifts such as they had, food and wine for Mary and me, blankets for the child and wood for a fire. I took the wood and built a fire outside the stable to provide warmth, light and protection from the night predators. I have not slept for three days, but I am just beginning to feel tired. Indeed, I have never felt so alive in my life. My eyes are starting to grow heavy as I write this; I have never known such peace. Who is this child that Angels and Shepherds adore? Who am I to be trusted with His care?



           Joseph found us shelter, a cave used for the keeping of animals. I could see the concern in his face. The child was coming and I did not care if it was a cave or a palace. Joseph helped me to lie down on some blankets over a mound of straw.  He started a fire with the wood we had and then left to gather more. I prayed to God for help in my need.

            In my prayer I was lifted up, my body relaxed. I knew Joseph had returned I could feel his hand holding mine. “The child is coming,” I told him.

            I could hear Joseph answer, but his reply was a prayer to the greatness of God. The cave glowed with light. I could see heavenly beings all around me. I could smell a sweet fragrance fill the air.

            I was moved to kneel in prayer, deeper prayer than I had ever experienced. The child came forth and two angels received Him from me. One was the Angel Gabriel that brought me God’s message; the other was dressed in armor like a warrior.

            The child’s face radiated light like that of the Angels around us only his light was more solid, more real. The Angels placed the child in my arms and stepped back a few paces and dropped to the ground face down in adoration of the child.

            After a while, the Angels moved out from the cave. I knew they were still present as I could hear their singing and see their light. Shepherds from the fields nearby came and paid homage to my Son. Their faces reflected the glow of light from the Angels and the Child. Tears of Joy streamed down their faces as they praised God’s faithfulness to His promise.

            Then they left and the Angels stationed themselves outside the cave. As I write this I recall how I never felt safer, more loved and more fully alive than at that moment when my son Jesus was born.   



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Two Christmases Remembered


I love Christmas. I love to gaze at Nativity scenes especially when the room is dark with only the stable alight. I love everything about Christmas; Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Santa Claus and Rudolph. My heart swells with memories of Christmases past recalling my children’s joys.

On Christmas night 2014 I sat in my darkened living room gazing at our Nativity set in the glow of our Christmas tree lights. The house was quiet. Outside the wind blew and the night was cold. I offered a short prayer of thanks that we were all together safe in our warm home.

My mind jumped to another Christmas and another Christmas tree glowing in the dark. It was 1995 and that tree was in my wife’s hospital room. She was pregnant with our seventh child. Six months into the pregnancy there were complications and she nearly lost the baby. She was confined to bedrest. With six young children at home, rest there was impossible. She remained in the hospital for over a month. Since it was December her room was decorated with a tree. The wonderful staff even put presents under the tree for our children. We all visited Mom on Christmas morning for an hour, opening the presents then went home. At home our presents remained unopened, waiting for Mom’s return. On Christmas night, a friend from Church came to the house at 9 p.m. to babysit. I went to the hospital by myself for some alone time with my wife after the kids went to bed. There in the hospital room, in the soft light and silence, I held my wife in my arms, both of us praying for our child.

Then my mind recalled Christmas 1999 and more flashing lights. They came from the firetrucks, ambulances and police in front of our home. We had a house fire on December 14, two days before our wedding anniversary and less than two weeks before Christmas. Everyone, even the pets, got out safe, but we were homeless for seven months while repairs were made.

If you recall there was a bit of a worldwide panic in 1999 as the Y2K bug was predicted to strike. Doomsayers predicted the worse. Utilities would stop working, banks would lose our assets and medical records would vanish.  As a husband and father of eight, I felt it prudent to take some precautions just in case some of the scenarios played out. I began to stockpile non-perishable food in October. By December, I had added extra shelves to hold my growing larder. I also purchased extra propane cylinders to use with my camp stove so we could cook if the gas went out. For heat, I purchased a kerosene heater and we had plenty of blankets. Temperatures in central Pennsylvania can easily go to minus twenty degrees in December. As December arrived I was certain we could survive at least four weeks if Y2K did cause a disruption.

Those supplies were untouched by the fire as they were stockpiled in my garage and basement. The fire was confined to the upstairs. However while we were living away from our home burglars broke into it and took my food, a television set and even my hand tools.

Finding adequate housing for a family of ten is no easy task. The Red Cross put us up in a hotel the first few nights.  They also gave us a voucher to use to buy necessities as we only escaped with the clothes on our backs. The only catch was we had to spend all the money in one trip. Imagine Walmart less than two weeks before Christmas, the store was a zoo. It took the ten of us three hours to push through the crowds with four shopping carts. We looked like the pioneers pushing west in a Conestoga wagon. Eventually, we found adequate housing in what was previously a convent.

On Christmas night 2014 I counted my blessings. Our son Joseph, our seventh child, was asleep in his room and our other children were also in bed. My wife was upstairs waiting for me. As I walked up the steps to our room I could not help but whisper a prayer of thanks. Joseph survived his crisis, the fire damage was repaired and the burglary was now just a story to tell. I had many reasons to say Merry Christmas.YoungFamily

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Excerpts from the Diaries of Joseph and Mary by Dennis P. McGeehan

The trip to Elizabeth and Zachary

Mary was overjoyed at the revelation, our cousin Elizabeth is pregnant. This wonder was revealed to her in deepest prayer. She revealed this to me and I have no doubt she is correct.  I wonder if this has something to do with Zachary’s condition, he has been unable to speak for six months.

We are leaving in two days for their home.  Mary wants to leave as soon as possible. She even suggested she go ahead alone. I was adamant, NO, it is not safe.  I have work promised that I must finish before I leave. Tomorrow I should finish it and deliver it. Then I can prepare for the trip and we can leave early the next day. We will take the donkey I use to deliver goods to my buyers, Mary can ride and I will lead it. The journey will take three days. We can pack some provisions for the trip and there should be places to rest safely. Mary plans to remain with Elizabeth for three months until she delivers the child.

There is something different about Mary. Is it possible that she is even more beautiful, more spirit-filled? I am overjoyed at Elizabeth’s blessing, but the news seems to have profoundly affected Mary in a most positive light, indeed it seems her face actually radiates light at times. It is as if I feel that light in my soul, filling it with hope and joy. It is something akin to what I feel in deepest prayer only more solid.



We are Going to Visit Elizabeth

My cousin is expecting! Her prayers have been answered by our gracious God. She is well past the age to bear children. As such there is much talk that this is truly a blessing from God, a miracle.

I must go to her to help with whatever she needs. The child I am carrying inside me I sense wants to go as well. Is that possible as small as He is?

I should be feeling weak and sick; such is the way with women who are with child. But I feel nothing but joy and am filled with abundant energy to be off to see my cousin.

I told Joseph I was leaving to spend time with Elizabeth and that I would see him when I return. I told him I would miss him.

Joseph reminded me that he is now my husband even if we have not yet lived together. He is my guardian and as such he will not allow me to make such a trip alone.

The roads are dangerous, especially for a lone woman. Joseph is insisting that he will escort me to Elizabeth’s. They are family to him as well.

He has some promised work to complete then we will leave. He is dutiful to me and to his customers. I am anxious to leave, but I must obey my husband.




Arrival at Elizabeth’s and Zachary’s Home

Our journey was uneventful for that I thank God. Mary for her part seemed to never tire. She has an abundance of joy and life in her that I have never seen.

As we approached Zachary’s home he spied us from a distance. He came towards us gesturing, he obviously could still not speak. He signaled me to the stable where I could unload the donkey and give it water. He assisted me in this effort. Mary for her part walked on ahead to see Elizabeth.

We decided on the trip that in a few days we will continue on to Jerusalem to give thanks to God at the Temple. Afterward we will return to Zachary and Elizabeth. Mary wants me to go home to the shop while she stays with Elizabeth. I have no need to return so fast, all my orders are complete and it has been a good year so far, praise the Lord. As long as Mary is here I will be here, that is my place.




We Arrived at Elizabeth’s Home

I am grateful to God that Zachary came out to meet us as we arrived, he had seen us as we were coming up the road. He stayed with Joseph to help care for the donkey while I went into the house to meet my cousin. God is great indeed.

Joseph did not hear my cousins greeting to me, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. And how does this happen to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”

I told Elizabeth that Joseph is unaware that I am pregnant. It is not my place to tell him. God in His good time will reveal His plans to Joseph. Elizabeth agreed to keep silent, even to not telling her husband.  Only she, her child and I know the great gift that God has bestowed on all of us.



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Saint Joseph – Terror of Demons

October 31, Halloween, is for most people a time to attend parties, greet Trick or Treaters or for a few sit in a Pumpkin Patch and await the arrival of the Great Pumpkin. Some may enjoy watching Horror movies (not me) or visiting a Haunted House, Mine or Corn Field (again not me).

The general public looks on the supernatural decorations as just another form of merriment akin to the Easter Bunny or Frosty the Snowman. But it should be recognized that there is a darker side to the festivities and it is demonically driven.

For those who believe in the reality of a Spiritual realm, the existence of Good and Evil non-corporeal Beings are a fact. Some deliberately choose to associate with the dark cohort of this plane, often in an attempt to control the Demons to gain power for themselves (see this). Others solicit the aid of the Saints and their Guardian Angel to protect them from demonic attack. In this eternal Spiritual War, one name stands out as the ultimate battle-tested warrior, Saint Joseph.TheAnnunciation

While it is undeniable that the Virgin Mother Mary will crush the head of Satan and that St_Michael_the_ArchangelSaint Michael the Archangel has already won a primeval battle against Satan and his legions, it is to Saint Joseph that the title Terror of Demons is given.

Mary is the most perfect creature in all of God’s creation. Michael is pure spirit and endowed by God with supernatural abilities to combat His enemies. How then is Saint Joseph able to be listed among these super-eminent beings? For that answer, we look to the Bible and the proclamations of some the Church’s Saints.

First it will do us well to explain why the demons attack us and how. The why is simple, they hate God and wish to hurt Him. They also take perverted joy in hurting any other creature they can. Their motives are driven primarily by pride and hatred of all humanity. Pride as they see themselves as superior to all others and desire the worship that is due only to God. Hate because it was through a human, the Virgin Mother Mary, that God acted to save the entire human race.

The Baltimore Catechism answers the question, “Why did God create us? God created us to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him and to be happy with Him for eternity in Heaven.” It is God’s eternal desire that all of His creatures choose to be with Him in indescribable bliss.

The demons are aware of this and know each time they trick a creature to reject God they hurt Him. It is really the only way they can inflict any pain on God. Jesus wept for the people who rejected Him. For the demons, they keep a tally in their futile battle against God by snatching our souls from their eternal rest. A hash mark on a scorecard is all we are to them.

Understanding this, we can then begin to understand why Saint Joseph is given the title Terror of Demons.St_Joseph,_portrayed_as_a_young_man

The demons use our weaknesses in their battle against God. They learn we are greedy for money or lust after illicit physical pleasures. They encourage us to seek our ease to the point where we neglect our duties to others and to God. They fortify our notions of our own greatness, boasting of our innate talents instead of acknowledging them as the gifts from God they really are.

All of us are susceptible to these attacks because we have been weakened by the effects of Original Sin. Baptism cleanses us, but like a scar from a healed wound we are permanently marked. The Church teaches that Mary was given the singular grace of being immaculately conceived, that is, she never was tainted by the effects of Original Sin in preparation for her role as the Mother of God. It is also taught that Jeremiah and John the Baptist were also freed from the effects of Original Sin, prior to their birth, in preparation for their missions. But the mission of Saint Joseph to be the foster-father of the Son of God and the guardian of His Mother is greater than either the call of Jeremiah or John.

Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Bernadine of Siena teach that God provides sufficient grace for the work He calls us to. In that light then, Joseph must have received a gift superior to that of both the Prophet and the Pre-Cursor. It is reasoned that Joseph was delivered from the effects of Original Sin immediately after his conception. By this gift, he was able to be in full conformity with his will which was to serve God and God alone.

Joseph experienced temptations like any human does, however, he was endowed with sufficient grace to resist them and freely choose to do God’s will always. Since temptations are the normal means of attack by the demons they find in Joseph an immovable object. His desire, so completely centered on God’s, proves to be a shield against their attacks on him. When we invoke his protection for our family and us, we are utilizing that same impenetrable shield. They see their attacks neutralized and in the realization of their own futility are stricken with fear.

During his mortal life, Joseph was the Father’s chosen instrument to protect His most precious Son and Mary His mother. Joseph was chosen to do this when God could have assigned a whole Legion of Angels to do the task. Joseph was the savior of the Savior. With God’s grace, Joseph completed his mission in an exemplary manner. If the earth-bound mortal Joseph was able to do that, how much more can he do now that he immortally dwells in Heaven with Jesus and Mary by his side?

In the Old Testament, Pharaoh told the people to, “Go to Joseph” for their needs. Today, as the activities of the demons are more frequently shown on the six o’clock news, we should seek the aid of the New Testament Joseph for our needs and especially for our protection.


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A Tale of Two Josephs

The Bible is an amazing book; actually an amazing collection of books. Compiled nearly two thousand years ago, it contains History, Poetry, Prophecy and lessons for life that remain pertinent no matter the year on the calendar.

Many of the stories of the Bible contain meanings on top of meanings on top of more meanings. A person can read the same passage repeatedly over ensuing decades and still discover, for the first time, deeper insights that reveal truths directly applicable to them. When you realize that different human authors, over a span of centuries, took part in its assembly, you cannot help but be astounded.

The Christian sees in this continuity the Hand of God as He inspired the mortal writers. But not only did God inspire the writers as they put quill to parchment, He also inspired the people about whose lives are revealed.

The Bible consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament points to the Coming of the Messiah while the New Testament proclaims that Jesus is the Messiah. Like the overture of a musical, the Old Testament presents in small parts what will be revealed in full later on.

While Jesus the Messiah, or Savior, is the person around whom the whole story revolves, there are others, call them supporting actors, who play a key part in the tale. Two, in particular, deserve attention, and they are both named Joseph.

Joseph of the Old Testament was the son of Jacob. He experienced dreams that foretold his father and his brothers would one day bow down to him.

Joseph of the New Testament also had a father whose name was Jacob. God spoke to him in dreams directing his actions toward Jesus and Mary. He became the head of the Holy Family and Mary and Jesus were obedient to him.

 The brothers of the Old Testament Joseph first plotted to kill him but then sold him into slavery to some Midianites. He was taken to Egypt where he was again sold, this time to Potiphar, the Pharaoh’s chief steward. God blessed Joseph in all the duties he was given and Potiphar’s house prospered. Potiphar gave control to Joseph over all matters of his house. Potiphar’s wife lusted after Joseph and when he denied her advances, she falsely accused him of a sexual assault and he was thrown into jail.

 The New Testament Joseph served God the Father’s purpose by becoming the foster-father of Jesus and the chaste guardian of the Virgin Mary.  

Joseph of the Old Testament came to dwell in the House of Pharaoh and serve a man who was the ruler of much of the world. Joseph of the New Testament brought the King of Heaven and Earth to dwell in his home. He served God by teaching and directing Jesus when he was a child.

Joseph of the Old Testament had the ability to interpret the dreams of others. God the Father spoke directly to Joseph of the New Testament in dreams. It was clearly revealed to him that he should take Mary as his wife and that the child she carried was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He was clearly warned in a dream to flee Herod’s wrath and later in a dream informed when it was safe to return home.

The family of the Old Testament Joseph sought relief in Egypt from the famine. Joseph stored up grain during the plush years that kept his family and others alive during the famine.

Joseph of the New Testament is the savior of the Savior. He appeared as the natural father of Jesus to the people, shielding Mary from the law and sheltering the helpless baby. He, with Mary and Jesus, sought sanctuary in Egypt. Because of Joseph’s obedience, the Infant Savior grew to manhood. With Jesus’ death and resurrection, millions have been eternally rescued.

The ancient Joseph was especially loved by his father and given a glorious many-colored coat as a symbol of this love. The New Testament Joseph was much beloved by God the Father, so much so that he was given as his bride the most precious creature in all Creation, Mary the Mother of God.

The ancient Patriarch is a precursor to the New Testament Joseph. Joseph of the Old Testament showed mercy to his brothers who sold him into slavery. Our New Testament Joseph so attuned his desires to those of God that he, above all others, is called a Just Man.

 For the modern reader, separated by millennia from the authors of the Bible, guidance for life is abundant in its pages. For those who aspire to greatness, modeling their lives on the two Josephs is an excellent place to start.


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Who Lives in Heaven’s Penthouse?


Father Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., often said that if he was granted entrance into heaven, he would be assigned the lowliest of positions. His guess was that he would be assigned to find lost pets. For us pet lovers, that is a very important task, but it also indicates the notion that there are different levels of heaven.

First it must be said that everyone in heaven is completely joy-filled. But the human mind is wired to put things in order. On Earth, we have Kings and Prime Ministers, Generals and Captains and Privates. In our families the Father and Mother are the head of the household, at work the Boss has supervisors under him who have employees under them. The Bible speaks of Principalities and Powers indicating different types of Angels. Saint Augustine and others spoke of Nine Choirs of Angels. On the far opposite end, we have Dante’s Nine Levels of Hell.

The highest realms of heaven are occupied by God Himself, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This mystery of Three Persons in One God we call the Trinity.

Beneath the Trinity we find the Nine Choirs of Angels and these are each divided into three groups of three. Each group signifies how close to God the Beings in that group are. The three groups from highest to lowest are:

1) Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones

2) Dominations, Virtues and Powers

3) Principalities, Archangels and Angels

However, there is another level that must be mentioned and it resides above the Seraphim and below the Trinity. You could reckon it to be Heaven’s Penthouse!

 The residents of this level are Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Holy Family.

Jesus is True God and True Man. Within Him is the Divine Nature and Human Nature. This duality has a name, the Hypostatic Union. The Hypostatic Union is the name of the level above the Seraphim. In the time of the Early Church, this name and this union was much discussed and debated. So much so that Saint Augustine cautioned the men of his flock not to discuss the Hypostatic Union while they were at the Barber as he thought that to be profane.

Mary is the Mother of God and also the Queen of Angels. As Queen, she should be positioned above her subjects.  Joseph is the spouse of Mary, her Earthly guardian and the guardian and foster-father of Jesus. Joseph was the head of the Holy Family during its residence on Earth. In their home both Jesus and Mary were obedient to him. Joseph by his obedience shielded Mary from charges of adultery that would have led to her death. Joseph by his obedience took Jesus and Mary safely into Egypt away from the murderous Herod.

God in the form of the Trinity is the very essence and reason heaven exists. All of creation sits below the Trinity and is ordered according to the wishes of God. Closest to God, according to His design, is His Son Jesus with Mary and Joseph, eternally above all of the Angels and lesser inhabitants.

On Earth, Joseph looked down into the face of Jesus while he held the infant in his arms. With his last breath, he gazed up into the faces of Jesus and Mary. Now when he looks up he sees the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and beside him stands Jesus and Mary the Queen of Heaven.

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The Assumption of Saint Joseph

August 15 is the date the Catholic Church in the United States celebrates the Assumption of Mary into Heaven Body and Soul. It was Pope Pius XII who on November 1, 1950, declared this to be a dogmatic teaching of the Church.

This teaching makes sense on so many levels that as early as the fourth century it was a popular belief among the faithful that Mary was brought body and soul into heaven upon her death.

1) She said, “Yes, let it be done to me according to thy will.”

2) She was the true Mother of God, Jesus Christ, the perfect son who loved her more than any son ever loved his Mother. Would He allow His Mother to remain in the tomb when He could do something about it?

3) She was Full of Grace, not subject to the stain of original sin, which results in death.

4) She was faithful to Him even as He hung on the cross. Then she continued His work by teaching the Apostles.

The Assumption of Mary makes sense. What about Joseph?

First – there is NO dogmatic proclamation about Joseph being assumed into heaven body and soul after his death. Beyond that, we have much to consider.

I) Joseph was the true husband of Mary. Mary and Joseph loved each other with a perfect love.

II) Joseph was selected by God the Father to be the guardian of Jesus and Mary. He fulfilled this duty completely.

III) Jesus, Mary and Joseph, all three comprise the Holy Family. They are a unit.

IV) We read in Matthew 27; vs 51 -53, “The earth quaked, rocks were split, tombs were opened, and the bodies of many saints who had fallen asleep were raised. And coming forth from their tombs after his resurrection, they entered the city and appeared to many.

So we know from the Bible that some have already experienced the reuniting of their souls with their bodies. The Bible does not give us names but we can piously speculate and some of the Church Fathers and saints have done so.

·       Saint Bernadine of Siena proclaimed that just as Jesus, Mary and Joseph labored on earth together they now reign in splendor in Heaven Body and Soul.The Youth of Our Lord John Herbert

·       Saint Francis de Sales declared in a sermon, “St. Joseph is, therefore, in Heaven in body and in soul; of that there is no doubt.”

·       Saint Leonard of Port Maurice whose preaching on the Immaculate Conception was instrumental in its eventual declaration stated that Saint Joseph was granted a special privilege when his body and soul were brought to heaven. For proof he references the book of Proverbs that states all her (Mary’s) household are “clothed with double garments.” Interpreters say that double garments signify the body and the soul.

Consider the fact that Jesus cannot refuse his mother any reasonable request. When she was assumed body and soul into Heaven was she to be greeted by her husband’s disembodied soul? If this had occurred would she not ask her son to reunite Joseph with the body that had served both of them for so many years? Saint Augustine and other Church Fathers state it would be improper for Saint Joseph’s body to lie in the ground until the Second Coming given that no other person was as close to Jesus as Joseph was with the exception of his spouse Mary. If the bodies of unnamed saints were raised at the resurrection does it not make sense that the body of the man chosen by God the Father to be the guardian of His Son and his Mother would be among them?

If the body of Saint Joseph remained in the ground would it not long ago have become the object of veneration like so many other saints? Would not his bones be displayed for the edification of our souls? But no remains are available despite claims of where his tomb is located. The body of Moses, who appeared with Jesus on Mount Tabor in glorified form with Elijah, who was taken directly to Heaven, is missing. Is it missing or is it no longer on earth?

So we are left to use our capabilities and decide for ourselves. We cannot make a firm dogmatic proclamation as that is left to the Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. But just as the Assumption of Mary was piously believed by many for centuries before it was made firm, so too may the faithful pray that Joseph is soon honored with the same dignity.


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Warriors World Dad Interviews Karina Fabian – Part Two

Mind Over Trilogy 160small Today is our second installment of our featuring The Mind Over Trilogy by Karina Fabian.

Because one feature of Warriors World Dad is to highlight how the eternal Spiritual War of Satan against God often breaks into our reality I want to feature a theme that is prevalent in the trilogy, that of The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions.

Now let’s hear it directly from the author:

Thanks, Dennis, for hosting me on the Mind Over All tour. Mind Over All (and the novella Hearts Over Mind) complete the Mind Over trilogy, which follows the adventures of Deryl Stephens, a psychic driven insane by his own abilities and the manipulations of two aliens. One simply wants information to help her defeat invaders from another world; the other wants to use Deryl’s powers to destroy her and take over the world. You can read more about it at http://fabianspace.com. Today, since Dennis focuses on spiritual warfare, I’d like to tell you about my villain, Alugiac.MindOverAllPicture

Have you heard the saying that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions? This is Alugiac’s theme. Alugiac was once a great healer among the Kanaan people, sacrificing his safety to care for friend and enemy alike. He was godfather to Tasmae, a woman with the unique ability to control their world with her mind and who is destined to save their world from destruction. However, when we meet him in the first novel, Mind Over Mind, he is a traitor to his homeworld of Kanaan. In fact, he’s become the religious and military leader of the enemy world and is not only orchestrating the invasion of his homeland, but is also trying to kill its leader, Tasmae. And as part of that plan, he’s been manipulating the mind of a psychic human, Deryl, trying to instill in him mindless obedience and a thirst for murder in order to use him to destroy anyone in Alugiac’s way.

Fortunately, for Tasmae, Kanaan and even Alugiac and his new people, Deryl is pretty stubborn. He rejects Alugiac’s manipulations. He travels to Kanaan where he meets and marries Tasmae and saves both Kanaan and the enemy world.

He saves Alugiac as well. Alugiac, it turns out, isn’t totally wrong about what he’s been trying to do. I won’t get into details because, after all, I want you to buy the book, but Alugiac is also trying to save the world – both worlds in fact. But he sees only one way to do it, and it’s broken his heart – and his mind. His good intentions set him on the path to Hell, and Deryl, the one he abused the most, will have to guide him back to the light, or they will all suffer.

I hope you’ll check out the Mind Over trilogy. It’s a story 30 years in the making, and I’m thrilled to have it come to its conclusion, particularly in seeing the motivation behind Alugiac’s villainy. Not all roads to Hell are paved with good intentions, but his twisted path held some of the best.Karina Fabian headshot Aug 2013

Thanks Karina. They say great fiction is based on fact. History has shown time and again that when people think they know better than God and violate His law, bad things happen even with the best of intentions. We are called to be faithful stewards of our gifts, even Psychic Powers if we had them, to use them for the benefit of others and not to just empower ourselves because as we know Power Corrupts. Your story sounds like it would be a great read for YA to generate discussions about our relationships with each other and even our world as Pope Francis is promulgating.

I urge everyone to check out The Mind Over Trilogy. Please join in the discussion by leaving your comments and Thank You Karina and everyone for reading Warriors World Dad.

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Warriors World Dad Interviews Karina Fabian

Something new is happening today here on Warriors World Dad, a guest interview from fellow Catholic Writers Guild member, Karina Fabian.

Karina is a prodigious writer with ten novels published. By day she writes reviews of various consumer products for Top Ten Reviews. In her so-called free time she writes for PJ Media, Faith Catholic and Saint Connection and creates worlds that are fantastic and thought provoking.

Do you like Dragons? Check out her DragonEye, PI books.

Are you a fan of Zombies? Then you and Neeta Life need to get acquainted.

But today I want to introduce another series Karina has written, The Mind Over Trilogy. This series began with a short story Karina wrote for a college project. Thirty years later we have a tale of epic struggle where the fate of worlds depends on the decisions made by a person with psychic powers, abilities that nearly drove him insane.

Why do an interview like this on Warrior’s World Dad?

Simple: It deals with a war. It deals with struggles Spiritual and Physical, Internal and External.

It deals with sacrificing your good for the good of others.

In short – The Mind Over Trilogy is tailor made for Warriors World Dad!

Warriors World Dad Interviews Karina Fabian

How did this book start? In college, I had the opportunity to write a short story for a final project for a SF literature class. I wrote about a young psychic who accidentally teleported to another planet, met and married the queen, and saved their world. The professor thought I should make it a novel, so I spent a year doing that, then submitted it and racked up rejection letters until I joined the Air Force and put it away. 15 years later, I decided to revamp it. I looked it over and was flabbergasted. The characters were clichés and the plot was thin. So I rethought it: How would someone really react to developing psychic powers? He would not be a cool, well-adjusted college kid. By the time I got done giving Deryl problems associated with his abilities, I had to commit him, and that’s when the story got fun.

We see a lot more of the planet Barin in this book. What can you tell us about that without getting into spoilers? I’m still figuring out Barin, myself. It gave me a few surprises while writing this book, in fact. For example, I didn’t realize how much they understood what the Miscria was doing to their planet. The religion was especially fun to imagine. God is omnipotent and omniscient and unchanging, but how we understand God is influenced by our world. So how does a population of a planet thrown off its natural path see God? A lot of it had to do with “following the right path,” and it was fun to incorporate it into everything from their prayers to the carpeting. The floors have paths drawn or dyed into them. People walk on this path as a matter of faith. In the temples, to step off the path is blasphemy.

Those who have read the first two books know that Deryl was being manipulated by the Master to be a weapon – specifically to kill the Miscria. In the second book, we see a hint that he’s actually part of the Barin’s theology. He’s not just the guy who would save them by killing the enemy, but Deryl, Sacred Weapon, the Path Forger. He’ll have to embrace that role to save both worlds in this book. It was a lot of fun to write, especially since he drags Joshua into it as God’s Mercy, Path Smoother. (Josh is mortified.)

One of the first scenes I thought up for this book was when Joshua and Deryl have to cross a narrow stone bridge over an active volcano. I won’t tell you how they do it, but it was a fun scene.

There’s a Pro-Life message in this trilogy. Did you set out with that in mind? I never write a story with a “Message” (capital M) in mind. I start with a character or characters, put them in a situation, and let them work their way out of it. What they learn and what they teach – their message – is up to them. Having said that, I knew from the beginning that there would be a theme of peace in the book. Deryl was not a murderer, no matter how hard the Master tried to make him one by manipulating his mind. The thread about abortion came out of the blue. That started as just another “rock” I threw at Joshua to make him a better-rounded character, but as his character grew more important to the book, so did the issue because it was very important to him. As far as he was concerned, he had lost a child, had it stolen from him. It took more than getting away from his ex-girlfriend and falling in love again to heal that. While not every father may feel that way about their unborn child, some men do. I didn’t intend for this to be in the book, but since Joshua needed it there, I’m hoping that other men in this situation might find this trilogy and get something out of sharing in Joshua’s struggles. And maybe some women might read this and decide to give their boyfriends a chance to “man up.” Even so, I didn’t plan a message and I don’t want the book to be about a perceived message. It’s a great story.

That’s it for this time. For more information check out http://karinafabian.com/mind-over-all/


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Doctor Moreau’s Constitution

Bruce Caitlyn Jenner is everywhere, the newspapers, Facebook, television, radio, Twitter, etc. He is discussed by politicians, church leaders, business leaders, celebrities and normal citizens. Such is the world of 2015.

News Break June 12, 2027

Action movie star and animal rights activist Tasha Talon has announced that she will receive species reassignment surgery to correct a congenital birth defect.

“I was born human, but I’ve known all my life I am meant to be a cat. Anyone who knows me or has seen me perform in the movies knows I have feline proclivities. My true nature is obscured by the error of my birth as human. I was meant to be a cat and soon will know the freedom of being who I truly am.”

Logically, there is no reason now (2015) for such an event to not happen. It is established in popular culture that personal freedom means being who you want to be and doing what you want to do as long as you do not hurt others.

Bioengineers could design hip and knee replacements that would provide people with catlike abilities. Retractable claws could be artificial in the near term but with genetic manipulation who’s to say what would be possible in the next several decades.

The government and private corporations would actually have an incentive to fund the research and the surgeries. An Army comprised of soldiers with the lethal hardware of Tigers, or the strength of Mountain Gorillas. A Navy with sailors transformed into Mermen and Mermaids capable of remaining underwater indefinitely.

We would not have to be content to merely mimic nature, we could surpass it. A legion of enhanced workers who can see in near total darkness via light and sound waves, capable of lowering their oxygen needs to less than ten percent normal and many times physically stronger than an unenhanced human would enable companies to tap rich natural resources less expensively. There would be no need for machinery that breaks down in harsh conditions as replacement workers can be more cheaply grown in the lab than robots could build mechanical excavators.

Such enhanced workers could be culled from the unproductive chronically dependent members of society. They would get a feeling or real self-worth and society would receive a real benefit.

Trans-species reassignment is not only feasible but a necessary next step to creating the Utopia all humanitarians seek.

Caitlyn Jenner – thank you for thrusting us forward. Tasha Talon thinks you make a purrfect woman.

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