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Thank You for visiting my website. My name is Dennis P. McGeehan or as I refer to myself here, Warriors World Dad.
I don’t know about you, but I often feel like I am engaged in a battle. In my attempt to be the best husband, father, neighbor or just me, I constantly am challenged to remain calm and stay the course. The problem could be me. I have prayed for patience and maybe God is giving me opportunities to practice?

On a serious note, Warriors World Dad refers to something I was taught in First Grade.  I am referring to the Catholic Church’s teaching on the Church Militant and the reality of Spiritual Warfare. With adult responsibilities, I came to understand how true it is.

SueandMe As a husband who wants to remain faithful to his wife and the vows he made, I find myself often wading through a river of filth. While Watching an innocent television show, going to the Super Market or just driving down the road my eyes behold scenes that are not conducive to honorable thoughts.



parentsandsonsI am a father of nine kids, eight on Earth and one in God’s care. We now have eight adult age children. In the past, I have struggled with how tight to hold the reins and how best to guide my kids so they do not lose their way.

My wife and I have been gifted with four children who are special needs. To this end, we have become teacher, advocate, and defender. It slowly dawned on me why God sent me to work with the Special Needs population for thirty-four years, even though I never aspired to such work.



My background in Martial Arts has given me the chance to spend many hours directly with my children doing something they and I enjoy. It has also offered a chance to work with other persons, those with and without special needs. Martial Arts is also providing a chance for me to give back as I help out at a local class .

My background in Science, Bachelors degree in Chemistry with many Astronomy classes as well, plus my wife’s education, Dr. Of Chiropractic, allowed us to read many articles on Autism and Medical treatments and decide the best course to choose for our kids. It also enlightened my view of God’s Creation as I can see how the Bible shines a light on the Scientific discoveries of Man.

I am now officially retired from the Monday to Friday work life. I use my free time to write and pursue other interests. As a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, I jumped at the chance to be listed among the speakers.

In addition to my background above, I bring over 40 years of teaching to the task. I have taught ages 5 to 75. I have taught numerous in-services during my work life plus Martial Arts Classes, Religious Education Classes (C.C.D. and R.C.I.A.),   C.P.R. and First Aid Classes. I also helped to homeschool our kids. Additionally, I am a moderator on internet websites offering guidance in several of these topics.

I am prepared to speak on the following topics should your organization have such a need:

1) I can talk on the following topics: Saint Joseph, Mary, Jesus and the Nativity. I have written a book based on stories that were widely known and spoken of by the Early Church Fathers but are now mostly unknown to the modern reader.

2) Parenting, especially children with Disabilities. On Earth, I have eight children,  four with special needs. I also have 34 years experience working with persons with disabilities.

3) The intersection of Science and Religion. This is a topic that has drawn me for years. I started out in College as an Astronomy major. I have come to believe that Scientific Truth confirms Revealed Truths and Revealed Truths enlighten Scientific Truths. Here is a link to an article written by me and published on Zenit

4) Martial Arts for Children and Religion: I have nearly five decades of study in the Martial Arts. When parents are thinking about sending their children to a Martial Arts Class this can be a concern. I can highlight what to look for, what questions to ask and what areas are often misunderstood. This topic and others are covered in my book here.

5) Martial Arts in Literature: How does a real fight look? It is NEVER as pretty as the choreographed scenes in a movie. I can offer insight into this and ways to describe a fight that better matches reality.

6) Freelance Writing: For those who wish to become Freelance Writers I offer a presentation suitable for groups that will provide attendees with the necessary skills to enter the realm of a Paid Writer immediately. I have given this presentation in both an online presentation and in front of a live audience. It is well received.

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