God is Greta

God is Greta Great


Dennis P. McGeehna McGeehan

Practice makes perfect. In Martial Arts practitioners attempt to reach the state of Mushin, that is the state of Mind of No Mind. In other words, the person is able to react to a situation without thinking about it. Their movements are reflexive.

I can honestly say that my typing fingers have reached a state of Mushin. They constantly mistype the same words over and over again. That has to be the case or God’s name is Greta!

My fingers insist on typing the word “great” as “greta.” Unless I slow down and actively concentrate on the keys I am pressing I will type greta.

The also know how to push the space bar unconsciously so that I get phrases like, “Th edog ran for the bal l.”

This phenomenon is not limited to those two examples. I write blogs dealing with Sceince or rather Science, and my fingers apparently need to put the “e” before the “i”. Then when I need to spell the word experience it often comes out experiance .

It’s not just my fingers but also my eyes. They are so skilled that they read words (that) are not there. I have learned to edit my work by reading it slowly out loud and listening for the (missing) words that my eyes know are there.

Finally I am beginning to realize that my mind can only create when it is in a state of Mushin. Early in th emorning right after breakfast words begin to form in my mind for a blog or a story idea. When I am out on a walk to clear my head and get some relief from sitting at the keyboard ideas come to me (forcing me to return to the keyboard before I forget them.) When I try to force the work I have a blank screen like the Blue Screen of Death your computer has when it’s toast.

As I think about it I realize other parts of my body have also reached this glorious state. My stomach has for years shown the ability to increase in size without any external influence. My ears are able to automatically go to mute when certain people, especially politicians and celebrities, begin to regale me with their wisdom. Finally my tongue has long been able to render an opinion on its own complete with colorful metaphors.

God is Greta indeed!



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  1. Hey Dennis—This was greta (oops, great) I do the same thing all of the time. Pleaes know that you are not the only one who is a letter “flipper”. Good post—

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