Are You More Demanding Than God?

I just read a quote by an unknown author that really caused me to take notice. The author stated,” When God loves me, I must accept myself as well. I cannot be more demanding than God, can I?”

What the author means is that God loves me and desires to pour His mercy on me right now, just as I am. I may be covered with muck, have warts and even have deadly spiritual afflictions that require immediate care, but God does not demand that I clean up first Before He pours His love out on me. In fact our good and gracious Father takes the first step towards us, just as in the story of The Prodigal Son.

This does Not mean that God is OK with our Sins. The Ten Commandments still apply. Better still we should try to live The Beatitudes. Best is to Love God and Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself (unless of course you happen to hate yourself).

Jesus offered Mercy to the woman caught in Adultery and then counseled her to go and Sin No More. He healed on the Sabbath, showing God’s Mercy is greater than human customs. He raised the Dead offering solace to the heartbroken family members.

Just as He has power over our physical death, He can cure us of our Spiritual Death. He even warns us that this is the more important concern. His death on the cross and His Resurrection conquered Sin and Death. He not only stands ready to give us His Salvation He is in a sprinter’s stance ready to run to our aid.

So be as merciful to yourself as God is and offer the same mercy to others, especially those you feel least merciful towards.

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