Excerpt from The Diaries of Joseph and Mary

Life at Nazareth

The years have passed quickly. Jesus is a man in age and in body. His hands now look like The Youth of Our Lord John Herbertmine, brown, calloused from the work. His arms are strong and his fingers sure as they shape wood and stone.

I find I grow weary now early in the afternoon. My knees are often stiff making it difficult to kneel or climb as the job requires. Jesus knows. He works the difficult spots so I have the easier task.

He helps me and Mary. Alone in our home, we pray together and He says things about God that are most profound. He understands in an intimate way the Scriptures. How did I not see what He sees so plainly? As a child, I taught him but for years now He has taught us.

I ask questions. Mary for her part does not. Instead, she listens and ponders what He says. I often see her in contemplation as she works in the kitchen or with needle and thread. Her hands crafting dinner or a cloth yet her mind sees more resplendent images. Her face at these times is so serene. She can get so lost that she does not hear me when I first call her name.

I am content. I have a wonderful wife. My heart leaps for joy each time I am near her. As I fall asleep at night I thank God for the blessing that is Mary. My heart and soul are so full of love for her and from her. I think of Jesus and how I have watched Him grow into a man. In my mind, I remember times when we played and laughed together.

We have been blessed. We have been blessed with sufficient means to eat as we need and have other material goods as we needed yet not so much that they burdened us. Jesus and Mary with me in our home. I feel a joy such that my heart will burst forth from my chest. No man has ever been so richly blessed.


Life at Nazareth

My two men. They rise early and help me prepare our meal. Jesus brings wood and Joseph tends the fire. They leave for the shop or to run an errand for work.

Joseph is so protective of me he refuses to travel for work such that I am alone. He tells Jesus to stay with me if he must leave overnight.

Jesus is a perfect Son. Only once in his life has he caused me concern. The time he got lost from us and we found him in the Temple. Since then he has been loving, obedient, caring and supportive of me and Joseph.

His actions give me no cause for concern but His words give me much to pray about. He knows. He understands. The Scriptures to Him are alive and deep. Every passage has so many layers to dwell on and He guides us to understand them.

My two men. They take care of me and serve me. I for my part try to serve them. We all serve each other and grow more in love as a family by doing so. Life is so normal and beautiful in so many ways and yet it is blessed with a supernatural abundance of what work and money cannot provide. And we have been given it freely. Jesus my Son!


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