Hateful Unions

There you sit at the head of the table, with your lovely wife of fifty-five years. Around the table are your eight children, your 12 grandchildren, and a few special friends. They are there to celebrate your anniversary.

Through the door of the restaurant burst a cohort of armed men, all wearing uniforms of the federal government’s Special Cadre for Undiscriminatory Marriage, also known as S.C.U.M. Your public display of faithful love for your spouse is now classified as a hate crime because it encourages others to participate in practices that are discriminatory to non-binary people.

Is this a parody skit on a late night talk show? No. It is, however, a possible glimpse of the future if the progressives of the American Bar Association succeed in their efforts.

As reported in the Washington Times and covered by EWTN’s World News Nightly, the American Bar Association has adopted Model Rule 8.4.

What’s that, you ask, and why should I care?

Model Rule 8.4 defines as unethical behavior any speech or membership in any organization, including churches, which hold to a traditional view of marriage, sexuality. gender and other related issues. A lawyer who is found to be engaged in unethical behavior stands to lose their license to practice law.

The American Bar Association does not control the practice of lawyers, that power lies with the State Bar Judiciary. The problem is, most states use the American Bar Association decisions as a template for their particular state’s rules.

A lawyer can, therefore, lose their license because they are a member of a Church, Mosque or Synagogue that upholds the teaching of marriage as the union between one Man and one Woman.

The leaders of the A.B.A. understand the impact this change will have, in fact, it is their intent to force lawyers to change their personal beliefs and get in line with the new normal.

Our Federal and State legislative bodies are overrun with lawyers. How long until Model Rule 8.4 morphs into a new Federal Law that declares believing or participating in traditional marriage is a hate crime?

Traditional marriage and the family are under a vicious, unrelenting attack. The assailants will not cease their onslaught until all worship at the altar of their LGBTQ manifesto. We have seen Bakers and Florists who have lost their livelihood. Now lawyers are in the gun sights. Everything held as true from a traditional Judeo-Christian perspective is considered worthy of prosecution.

Lawyers who hold traditional views will, without a doubt, bring to bear all the legal cunning they can muster to defend their livelihood. But those of us, non-lawyers, should also make it clear to our legislators that we are aware of this undermining of our rights. You stop an infection at the earliest stage possible. You do not wait until the patient is at death’s door. Traditional marriage and the nuclear family will soon be on life-support if this juggernaut of political correctness is not stopped.

Please, check out the facts and then share with your family and friends.

Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/aug/17/how-the-lawyers-plan-to-stifle-speech-and-faith/

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