Excerpt from The Diaries of Joseph and Mary – The Circumcision

The Circumcision

            I made a quick small cut done by the sharpest of blades.  I took special care to hone the knife testing its edge to ensure the cleanest of cuts. He cried aloud despite my efforts.  The blood dripped onto Mary’s hands, she held him tight and secure. Her face was set like stone. I know she was in deep prayer but also, she was locked onto her son and His distress.

            The knife cut cleanly, it cut the flesh of the child and also my heart and my soul.  Oh, painful obedience.

            It was over in seconds. Mary tended the wound and comforted Jesus. I pronounced His name, Jesus, as I circumcised Him, the name given to me by the Angel.

            He stopped crying, clinging tightly to Mary. He stayed awake long into the night making soft sounds. I, however, continued to hear his screams of pain in my mind. I am sorry my son it is the law and we must obey God. I had prayed for an Angel to stay my hand like was done for Abraham, but none appeared.  My hands are shaking now long after the ordeal is over. Mary has tried to comfort me; she is still shaken but does not show it outwardly.


 The Circumcision

            I held my sweet child as firmly as I could fearful of hurting him and fearful he would be hurt worse if I let go. Joseph took special care honing the blade. No razor was ever so sharpened. He nodded to me and I held Jesus on my legs. He quickly made the cut, his expert hands finishing the cut in two quick passes.

            The screams pierced my heart like a spear. My body wanted to quake. I prayed to God for strength not to fail my child. If I should flinch and cause Joseph to hurt the child more I would regret that forever, hurting my son and my husband.

            Joseph pronounced his name, Jesus. It was over. I embraced our son. He gripped me fiercely his body shaking; I could feel his heart beating against my chest. Joseph’s face grew pale and his hands began to shake, my dear husband obedient to God despite the cost. I know Joseph felt the knife cut into his heart.

            It is quiet and the stars are beginning to shine brightly. My hands are stained with drops of my son’s blood. My son’s precious blood shed out of obedience.


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