Excerpts from the Diaries of Joseph and Mary by Dennis P. McGeehan

The trip to Elizabeth and Zachary

Mary was overjoyed at the revelation, our cousin Elizabeth is pregnant. This wonder was revealed to her in deepest prayer. She revealed this to me and I have no doubt she is correct.  I wonder if this has something to do with Zachary’s condition, he has been unable to speak for six months.

We are leaving in two days for their home.  Mary wants to leave as soon as possible. She even suggested she go ahead alone. I was adamant, NO, it is not safe.  I have work promised that I must finish before I leave. Tomorrow I should finish it and deliver it. Then I can prepare for the trip and we can leave early the next day. We will take the donkey I use to deliver goods to my buyers, Mary can ride and I will lead it. The journey will take three days. We can pack some provisions for the trip and there should be places to rest safely. Mary plans to remain with Elizabeth for three months until she delivers the child.

There is something different about Mary. Is it possible that she is even more beautiful, more spirit-filled? I am overjoyed at Elizabeth’s blessing, but the news seems to have profoundly affected Mary in a most positive light, indeed it seems her face actually radiates light at times. It is as if I feel that light in my soul, filling it with hope and joy. It is something akin to what I feel in deepest prayer only more solid.



We are Going to Visit Elizabeth

My cousin is expecting! Her prayers have been answered by our gracious God. She is well past the age to bear children. As such there is much talk that this is truly a blessing from God, a miracle.

I must go to her to help with whatever she needs. The child I am carrying inside me I sense wants to go as well. Is that possible as small as He is?

I should be feeling weak and sick; such is the way with women who are with child. But I feel nothing but joy and am filled with abundant energy to be off to see my cousin.

I told Joseph I was leaving to spend time with Elizabeth and that I would see him when I return. I told him I would miss him.

Joseph reminded me that he is now my husband even if we have not yet lived together. He is my guardian and as such he will not allow me to make such a trip alone.

The roads are dangerous, especially for a lone woman. Joseph is insisting that he will escort me to Elizabeth’s. They are family to him as well.

He has some promised work to complete then we will leave. He is dutiful to me and to his customers. I am anxious to leave, but I must obey my husband.




Arrival at Elizabeth’s and Zachary’s Home

Our journey was uneventful for that I thank God. Mary for her part seemed to never tire. She has an abundance of joy and life in her that I have never seen.

As we approached Zachary’s home he spied us from a distance. He came towards us gesturing, he obviously could still not speak. He signaled me to the stable where I could unload the donkey and give it water. He assisted me in this effort. Mary for her part walked on ahead to see Elizabeth.

We decided on the trip that in a few days we will continue on to Jerusalem to give thanks to God at the Temple. Afterward we will return to Zachary and Elizabeth. Mary wants me to go home to the shop while she stays with Elizabeth. I have no need to return so fast, all my orders are complete and it has been a good year so far, praise the Lord. As long as Mary is here I will be here, that is my place.




We Arrived at Elizabeth’s Home

I am grateful to God that Zachary came out to meet us as we arrived, he had seen us as we were coming up the road. He stayed with Joseph to help care for the donkey while I went into the house to meet my cousin. God is great indeed.

Joseph did not hear my cousins greeting to me, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. And how does this happen to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”

I told Elizabeth that Joseph is unaware that I am pregnant. It is not my place to tell him. God in His good time will reveal His plans to Joseph. Elizabeth agreed to keep silent, even to not telling her husband.  Only she, her child and I know the great gift that God has bestowed on all of us.



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