I Have Problems, But . . .

I Have Problems, But  . . .

Some mornings are definitely harder for me  than others. Perhaps I was up late the night before, or my muscles ache more than usual. Physical tiredness and even pain can wear me down, but I am a stubborn Irish-Dutchman and I was taught by my mother to deal with such things. In her words, it was called Gumption.

But there are mornings when even before I roll out of bed the fears of “what if” are upon me. These are the fears about Money, Health, the Kid’s Future, Work, etc.  I recently had a bout of “what ifs” hit me. It was no fun at all. I started to pray to God for help and my prayers went in a direction I did not intend. With this blog I want to tell you what happened to me and what I learned.

As I started to pray to God for help, it hit me that God Loves Me. Often, I hate to say it, I don’t find a lot of comfort in that fact. I love my kids but they still face some difficult challenges. My love does not seem to reduce the pain they feel. But my mind wandered on. God the Father loves me so much He wants me to be with Him forever in heaven. The thought pressed on – God the Father Loves me so much he sent His only son Jesus Christ to Earth to suffer, die and pay the price of my admission to heaven. God so loves me that He ordained that Jesus His Son would establish the Eucharist to Nourish me and to be there in the Tabernacle always waiting for me to come visit Him, to Praise and Worship Him, to Draw strength from Him and to Rest in Him.  It kept going – God the Father and the Son Love me so much they sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within me to be my Counselor, my Comfort and my Strength. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Love me so much that they Created the Virgin Mary and made her Immaculate, Free from Sin, to be the Most Perfect of All Mothers, then Jesus gave her to me to be my Mother, with the approval of the Father and the Spirit. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Love me so much that they sent an Angel to be constantly by my side, to Light, Rule, Guide and Protect me. Mary is the Queen of Angels and she wants this to be so.

God loves me so much, that he designed my life to be a brief, uncertain period here on Earth. My mortal life is a flicker in time. My life at times has physical, emotional and spiritual pain. But this pain is passing and compared to eternity is nothing, and that is where God wants me to be, and there I will be free from all pain.

God loves me so much that he created Purgatory, a place where I can go to be completely prepared to spend eternity with Him. Without Purgatory, imperfect me, would most likely never be able to stand in God’s presence.

My prayer ended. I thought about this prayer and my problems that were worrying me. Yeah, I can get out of bed and get on with the day, Life is wonderful even if it is at times hard.

Thank You, God!

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