Warriors World Dad Interviews Karina Fabian – Part Two

Mind Over Trilogy 160small Today is our second installment of our featuring The Mind Over Trilogy by Karina Fabian.

Because one feature of Warriors World Dad is to highlight how the eternal Spiritual War of Satan against God often breaks into our reality I want to feature a theme that is prevalent in the trilogy, that of The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions.

Now let’s hear it directly from the author:

Thanks, Dennis, for hosting me on the Mind Over All tour. Mind Over All (and the novella Hearts Over Mind) complete the Mind Over trilogy, which follows the adventures of Deryl Stephens, a psychic driven insane by his own abilities and the manipulations of two aliens. One simply wants information to help her defeat invaders from another world; the other wants to use Deryl’s powers to destroy her and take over the world. You can read more about it at http://fabianspace.com. Today, since Dennis focuses on spiritual warfare, I’d like to tell you about my villain, Alugiac.MindOverAllPicture

Have you heard the saying that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions? This is Alugiac’s theme. Alugiac was once a great healer among the Kanaan people, sacrificing his safety to care for friend and enemy alike. He was godfather to Tasmae, a woman with the unique ability to control their world with her mind and who is destined to save their world from destruction. However, when we meet him in the first novel, Mind Over Mind, he is a traitor to his homeworld of Kanaan. In fact, he’s become the religious and military leader of the enemy world and is not only orchestrating the invasion of his homeland, but is also trying to kill its leader, Tasmae. And as part of that plan, he’s been manipulating the mind of a psychic human, Deryl, trying to instill in him mindless obedience and a thirst for murder in order to use him to destroy anyone in Alugiac’s way.

Fortunately, for Tasmae, Kanaan and even Alugiac and his new people, Deryl is pretty stubborn. He rejects Alugiac’s manipulations. He travels to Kanaan where he meets and marries Tasmae and saves both Kanaan and the enemy world.

He saves Alugiac as well. Alugiac, it turns out, isn’t totally wrong about what he’s been trying to do. I won’t get into details because, after all, I want you to buy the book, but Alugiac is also trying to save the world – both worlds in fact. But he sees only one way to do it, and it’s broken his heart – and his mind. His good intentions set him on the path to Hell, and Deryl, the one he abused the most, will have to guide him back to the light, or they will all suffer.

I hope you’ll check out the Mind Over trilogy. It’s a story 30 years in the making, and I’m thrilled to have it come to its conclusion, particularly in seeing the motivation behind Alugiac’s villainy. Not all roads to Hell are paved with good intentions, but his twisted path held some of the best.Karina Fabian headshot Aug 2013

Thanks Karina. They say great fiction is based on fact. History has shown time and again that when people think they know better than God and violate His law, bad things happen even with the best of intentions. We are called to be faithful stewards of our gifts, even Psychic Powers if we had them, to use them for the benefit of others and not to just empower ourselves because as we know Power Corrupts. Your story sounds like it would be a great read for YA to generate discussions about our relationships with each other and even our world as Pope Francis is promulgating.

I urge everyone to check out The Mind Over Trilogy. Please join in the discussion by leaving your comments and Thank You Karina and everyone for reading Warriors World Dad.

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