Warriors World Dad Interviews Karina Fabian

Something new is happening today here on Warriors World Dad, a guest interview from fellow Catholic Writers Guild member, Karina Fabian.

Karina is a prodigious writer with ten novels published. By day she writes reviews of various consumer products for Top Ten Reviews. In her so-called free time she writes for PJ Media, Faith Catholic and Saint Connection and creates worlds that are fantastic and thought provoking.

Do you like Dragons? Check out her DragonEye, PI books.

Are you a fan of Zombies? Then you and Neeta Life need to get acquainted.

But today I want to introduce another series Karina has written, The Mind Over Trilogy. This series began with a short story Karina wrote for a college project. Thirty years later we have a tale of epic struggle where the fate of worlds depends on the decisions made by a person with psychic powers, abilities that nearly drove him insane.

Why do an interview like this on Warrior’s World Dad?

Simple: It deals with a war. It deals with struggles Spiritual and Physical, Internal and External.

It deals with sacrificing your good for the good of others.

In short – The Mind Over Trilogy is tailor made for Warriors World Dad!

Warriors World Dad Interviews Karina Fabian

How did this book start? In college, I had the opportunity to write a short story for a final project for a SF literature class. I wrote about a young psychic who accidentally teleported to another planet, met and married the queen, and saved their world. The professor thought I should make it a novel, so I spent a year doing that, then submitted it and racked up rejection letters until I joined the Air Force and put it away. 15 years later, I decided to revamp it. I looked it over and was flabbergasted. The characters were clichés and the plot was thin. So I rethought it: How would someone really react to developing psychic powers? He would not be a cool, well-adjusted college kid. By the time I got done giving Deryl problems associated with his abilities, I had to commit him, and that’s when the story got fun.

We see a lot more of the planet Barin in this book. What can you tell us about that without getting into spoilers? I’m still figuring out Barin, myself. It gave me a few surprises while writing this book, in fact. For example, I didn’t realize how much they understood what the Miscria was doing to their planet. The religion was especially fun to imagine. God is omnipotent and omniscient and unchanging, but how we understand God is influenced by our world. So how does a population of a planet thrown off its natural path see God? A lot of it had to do with “following the right path,” and it was fun to incorporate it into everything from their prayers to the carpeting. The floors have paths drawn or dyed into them. People walk on this path as a matter of faith. In the temples, to step off the path is blasphemy.

Those who have read the first two books know that Deryl was being manipulated by the Master to be a weapon – specifically to kill the Miscria. In the second book, we see a hint that he’s actually part of the Barin’s theology. He’s not just the guy who would save them by killing the enemy, but Deryl, Sacred Weapon, the Path Forger. He’ll have to embrace that role to save both worlds in this book. It was a lot of fun to write, especially since he drags Joshua into it as God’s Mercy, Path Smoother. (Josh is mortified.)

One of the first scenes I thought up for this book was when Joshua and Deryl have to cross a narrow stone bridge over an active volcano. I won’t tell you how they do it, but it was a fun scene.

There’s a Pro-Life message in this trilogy. Did you set out with that in mind? I never write a story with a “Message” (capital M) in mind. I start with a character or characters, put them in a situation, and let them work their way out of it. What they learn and what they teach – their message – is up to them. Having said that, I knew from the beginning that there would be a theme of peace in the book. Deryl was not a murderer, no matter how hard the Master tried to make him one by manipulating his mind. The thread about abortion came out of the blue. That started as just another “rock” I threw at Joshua to make him a better-rounded character, but as his character grew more important to the book, so did the issue because it was very important to him. As far as he was concerned, he had lost a child, had it stolen from him. It took more than getting away from his ex-girlfriend and falling in love again to heal that. While not every father may feel that way about their unborn child, some men do. I didn’t intend for this to be in the book, but since Joshua needed it there, I’m hoping that other men in this situation might find this trilogy and get something out of sharing in Joshua’s struggles. And maybe some women might read this and decide to give their boyfriends a chance to “man up.” Even so, I didn’t plan a message and I don’t want the book to be about a perceived message. It’s a great story.

That’s it for this time. For more information check out http://karinafabian.com/mind-over-all/


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