Doctor Moreau’s Constitution

Bruce Caitlyn Jenner is everywhere, the newspapers, Facebook, television, radio, Twitter, etc. He is discussed by politicians, church leaders, business leaders, celebrities and normal citizens. Such is the world of 2015.

News Break June 12, 2027

Action movie star and animal rights activist Tasha Talon has announced that she will receive species reassignment surgery to correct a congenital birth defect.

“I was born human, but I’ve known all my life I am meant to be a cat. Anyone who knows me or has seen me perform in the movies knows I have feline proclivities. My true nature is obscured by the error of my birth as human. I was meant to be a cat and soon will know the freedom of being who I truly am.”

Logically, there is no reason now (2015) for such an event to not happen. It is established in popular culture that personal freedom means being who you want to be and doing what you want to do as long as you do not hurt others.

Bioengineers could design hip and knee replacements that would provide people with catlike abilities. Retractable claws could be artificial in the near term but with genetic manipulation who’s to say what would be possible in the next several decades.

The government and private corporations would actually have an incentive to fund the research and the surgeries. An Army comprised of soldiers with the lethal hardware of Tigers, or the strength of Mountain Gorillas. A Navy with sailors transformed into Mermen and Mermaids capable of remaining underwater indefinitely.

We would not have to be content to merely mimic nature, we could surpass it. A legion of enhanced workers who can see in near total darkness via light and sound waves, capable of lowering their oxygen needs to less than ten percent normal and many times physically stronger than an unenhanced human would enable companies to tap rich natural resources less expensively. There would be no need for machinery that breaks down in harsh conditions as replacement workers can be more cheaply grown in the lab than robots could build mechanical excavators.

Such enhanced workers could be culled from the unproductive chronically dependent members of society. They would get a feeling or real self-worth and society would receive a real benefit.

Trans-species reassignment is not only feasible but a necessary next step to creating the Utopia all humanitarians seek.

Caitlyn Jenner – thank you for thrusting us forward. Tasha Talon thinks you make a purrfect woman.

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  1. Apparently changing your gender makes you a hero but changing your race makes you a liar and is still off limits. Bruce is a hero for becoming Caitlyn but Rachel is the devil for making herself the race she has always felt she was. What a mixed up world this has become.

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