A Short History of Your Future

Once the tidal wave of Democratic action enabled by Social Media succeeds in establishing Gay Marriage as a Right, that force of Nature will continue on to engage the next obstacle. Polygamy (already in existence) will be officially sanctioned followed by Interspecies Marriage (your Dog, Cat or Goat – PETA will be watching), then for those who love their Car, a Bridge or an Oak Tree, a validation ceremony with complete government recognition will follow.

But marrying an object is not the endpoint of the swell. It will soon become necessary to restrict an archaic, dangerous and abusive rite – Heterosexual Monogamous Marriage. This prehistoric ceremony has the side effect of producing new humans. As the pro-generators, the parents claim they have the right to be the Primary Educator of the child and teach the child according to their beliefs.

The problem with this is obvious as Heterodoxy will be inoculated into the collective with the possibility of wide spread infection. To keep society safe and maintain an atmosphere of harmony, male-female unions where life is possible will have to happen under strict controls. Any offspring that result will then be cared for by the benevolence of the State including Education and Spiritual Beliefs.

To reach ultimate Harmony, the State will have to require that all citizens experience the full range of Joy possible within sexual activity. A schedule of experiences will be developed determining when the first same-sex experience occurs, the first heterosexual experience occurs, and so on for multiple partners, alternate species, and self-stimulatory education. Those identified as deserving of Special Treatment may receive training in Bondage and Domination and other more intense pleasures.

Freedom to choose your preferred method of recreation will of course have to be rationed at first and later assigned by those who are in charge of the Worldwide Village. Only those at the very pinnacle of society who have demonstrated by their decisions that they can make the right choices will be allowed full free choice. The rest will gladly bathe in the glory of their care.

All remnants of past organizations that counsel against this enlightenment will have to be banned and destroyed. In the final permutation, Nirvana will exist throughout the world with each person accepting the Truth as it is given from On High via the Media. Freed from the shackles of ancient beliefs all can then pursue their assigned lot in life looking forward to those moments they can spend with their approved partner(s) during their leisure.

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