Why Warriorsworlddad

Why Warriorsworlddad ?

Warrirosworlddad is the name of my website. The name came to me quite easily as it contains the working title of a book I am working on. But the title of the book was also chosen because of my outlook on life as a Father, a Husband and a Person. It goes all the way back to First Grade and Sister Jane Ann, I.H.M.  She was the first person to teach me about the Church and its three components: the Church Triumphant, the Church Suffering and the Church Militant.

For those who have not heard of these terms before, the Church Triumphant consists of all those persons who have died and are now in heaven. The Church Suffering consists of all persons who have died and are now undergoing final purification in Purgatory prior to attaining Heaven. The Church Militant consists of all persons now living on the Earth, which is the battleground for the Spiritual War between Satan and God. As a believer in this teaching I understand that I am literally living on a battlefield.

I did not always comprehend this fact, indeed for a large part of my early life I was more like a soldier on R & R than an active duty fighter. I did what I had to do and also some things I should do, but I also screwed up at times when the pleasures were too good to pass up. I had no concept of my participation in any kind of fight, the lessons from first grade were deeply buried somewhere inside me and not part of my conscious.  In many ways my daily life was more like being on autopilot than of making well-considered choices.

This changed when I became engaged to my wonderful wife. I stopped smoking my pipe and cigars, started wearing a seat belt and began to plan for our future together. Our first two years of married life were pretty basic, Work, Church on Sunday and as much fun together as we could squeeze into our schedules. Then we became parents and the seriousness of our choices ramped up.

Slowly, over the years, it dawned on me. I guess I’m a really slow learner. But sometime between kid number five and kid number eight I had an “AHA” moment. All the normal expressions we use to describe our daily lives started to make sense: the Rat Race, It’s a War out there, Survival of the Fittest, I survived the work week, I survived the weekend, the Walking Wounded, the Walking Dead.

I know at some point, probably several points, I heard a priest on television, Thank God for E.W.T.N., speak about Spiritual warfare. I recall my initial reactions, “Yeah, Right.” I wasn’t ready for the message to seep in. But life has a way of instructing you and I got schooled really good over several events. As I embraced the idea that this spiritual warfare stuff might actually be true, I began to see things in a different light. That in turn required me to rethink my decision making process and my daily preparation to implement those decisions. This was not foreign for me thanks to my Martial Arts background. I have studied Judo since I was twelve and that training was brutal at times. We would some night’s Randori, that is Free Fight, for three solid hours. Our training suits would literally be drenched in sweat so much you could wring them out. We trained in ice cold gyms and in blistering heat, it made no difference. I loved it. In addition, I trained each day I had no class, exercising, stretching or meeting my partner for practice. I lived, ate and slept judo, it was my life.

Now, as a Husband and Father, it was no longer just my life but the lives of my wife and children who were depending on me. I had long ago made a pledge to myself that I would be the BEST Husband and Dad I could possibly be. I wasn’t too clear on what that meant but I pictured myself as loving and patient and spending good times with my family. What I finally realized was that it was in the tough times that you prove your worth, just as a soldier proves themselves when the battle gets harsh.

As a Martial Artist I had prepared myself by continuous, daily training. Now I had to adapt that mind set to the challenge of defending my family in the battle that I saw looming around me. And I didn’t have a clue how to do that at first. But as I listened to the speakers on television, and as I read some books, I realized I had been taught the method of training for this battle many years ago – Daily Prayer. And I found that daily prayer was the very last thing I wanted to do. The person who eagerly did 500 situps a day, 300 pushups a day, who practiced a throw for 100 repetitions, could not force himself to say one Our Father or One Hail Mary to save his life. I was NOT a good Spiritual Warrior.  I was 4-F as the military would say, not suitable for duty.

Then I heard, maybe more than once, that when you absolutely do NOT want to pray, that was when you absolutely had to do it. And the lightbulb went on. I remembered all the times in my Martial Arts training that I was not eager to train, that I wanted to skip practice, but I showed up out of habit or because someone was counting on me. What started as a chore, often ended up being a splendid experience. And I grew because of it. So I started to pray, even when I did not want to. And I found the same result, I felt better afterwards. I slowly figured out what kind of prayer worked best for me – Daily Bible Reading, once a week Holy Hour and lately Daily Mass. These types of prayer fit my personality, just like Judo did. I had tried other Martial Arts and while they were okay, they weren’t as good a fit as Judo was. The more I prayed, the better I understood the stakes involved, the physical and spiritual lives of my wife and children. It’s my job as the Husband and Father to nurture, protect and defend them. If necessary I am called to stand in the breach when a full on assault occurs. And the more I learned, and especially the more I talked about what I was learning, the greater and more frequent the assaults. It was exactly what I heard the speakers say. And so my belief grew even more.

When the time came that I decided I wanted a website I had to decide what the theme would be. What do I feel strongly about? What do I enjoy talking about? Family – definitely! Martial Arts – absolutely. Life after Death – yes. The choices and the challenges we are faced with everyday. Those will be the themes I will explore on this page. My insights and my beliefs are my own but I have been influenced by people much smarter than I and I have realized that they are correct.

Welcome to Warriorsworlddad.com a place to share our daily war stories.

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  1. Rizky says:

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