Calling All Nerds

The other morning I was doing my normal routine, checking my e-mail and searching for freelance writing opportunities. The house was quiet, the only sound being the whoosh of the air conditioner and the muted voices of a podcast my son was listening to.

The podcast is a very popular one on the net. They cover Gaming, Tech and other matters of interest to the Nerd/Geek culture. I use these terms in a positive light. Even though I am approaching my sixth decade of inhabiting the Earth, I still am drawn to such things. I have less time to keep up with the latest and greatest developments and only catch bits and pieces in passing of what is being discussed on the show.

Normally the discussions are animated, informative and interesting. That is probably the reason I was so jarred by what I heard and the reason for this post.

I don’t even know what the topic was as I was concentrating on my job search when one of the participants voice was raised and I heard it, an exclamation of dislike that hit me like a sledge hammer. I instinctively yelled out, “Hey!”  My son immediately said it was not him but the podcast. The volume of the podcast disappeared from my hearing.

The exclamation that hit me so hard was the name of the Son of God. I am not perfect and am guilty of many transgressions myself, but I am sensitive to this issue.

More to the point, I expect more from Nerds & Geeks. I had a pocket protector in high school 40 plus years ago. My friends and I often ruined the curve on the exams. In my career I met many a fellow Geek who now was in charge of the rank and file that consisted of the former Popular Crowd.sliderule

Nerds and Geeks to my experience are intelligent and considerate people. They desire to pursue their interests in a quiet unthreatening way and hope get along with others, both Nerd and non-Nerd. Hearing God’s Name used as an exclamatory phrase is thus so disconcerting to me.

I am certain that any Nerd worthy of the title can come up with an alternate phrase to use to express their disgust. It could be in English, Klingon or Orcish. I know from experience that cursing and swearing is a learned skill, one too easily learned and difficult to unlearn. But Nerds are up to the challenge. I speak as a person who for years was guilty of using “Colorful Metaphors.”

If any Nerds/Geeks read this blog, I am woefully unviral, please pass it along. The world now needs all Nerds to step up to the plate, to use the talents and skills they have to solve today’s problems. The problem of offending each other persists and I am not talking about Political Correctness which I consider a form of censorship. I am talking about Old Fashion decency and respect for other peoples sensibilities. We called it Common Courtesy. One fifth of the world is Christian and as such should be offended by breaking the prohibition of using God’s name in vain. Nerds and Geeks are better than that – at least I believe they are.

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