You Call That News

Did you notice the newspaper today (either hardcopy or online)? What was the headline? Was it another battle in an unending war? Was it another scandal in a government or a natural disaster? Did it involve the sports or entertainment world? Did science discover something truly incredible? Did someone famous die?

Small town paper or big city, the above topics will cover the headlines day in and day out. The names and places change but the facts remain pretty much the same. Different day same stuff happening.

The headlines are in large bold print to grab our attention. The words are meant to stir interest, excitement even fear. It’s the curious who will read the story.

What did Mother Nature do to us? Look what the powerful are doing to the weak! The editors ply their craft to make a time worn story seem new because newness primes the News. But it’s all the same.

Some readers skip the headlines and read the editorials. They’re interested in other’s opinions. Other readers reach for the classified section looking for an opportunity that screams to them, while others head straight to the comics so they can laugh at life and the world.

The obituaries tell us who has left the world while the births tell us who has just entered. Marriages and divorces speak of grand beginnings and broken ends. The paper is filled with what is deemed the latest current events worth reporting. Those events that happen each and every day are just not news.

Except for one!

Do you want scandal? How about a great and loving person killed by his ungrateful family?

Does the death of a celebrity get your attention? How about the death of a person in whose name celebrations and sacrifices are ongoing?

War – this war was has been going on longer than any other.

A scientific discovery – actually science has no explanation for it.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, last year, next year, last century …. Wherever the Mass is celebrated, the Creator of Everything becomes Truly Present. He who is Peace to end War has fought and won the war for our souls. Bread and Wine becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus through whom all things were made. On the altar is the opportunity of eternity. In the Readings and the Gospel are the teachings (opinions) of Him who truly matters. He was born to die and His life is more glorious than any sports superstar or A-list actor.

He comes everyday all day as the Mass is constantly celebrated around the world. God is with us! This should make us cry out with joy!

He comes because we need Him. He is the Good News that we all seek.

The headlines should scream this each and every day. The hope and desire for all humanity is present in every Catholic Church.

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