It all Starts with the Dignity of the Human Person

The following post is by my wife, Susann, or you could call her Warriors World Mom!

Oh, that we could all live in a perfect world.  When God created the world, He pronounced all things as good.  Man and woman were made in His image and likeness.  All was well in paradise.  Then came the fall, and the problems.

The very first act of violence was due to jealousy.  One person (Cain) was jealous of his brother (Abel) because Abel’s gift was more pleasing to God. Instead of talking about it, Cain decided that the best thing to do was to kill his brother

and get him out of the picture.  Wrong decision!!!

Somewhere in the Bible it states that before any star was created God knew every person by name. God knew them, loved them, knew when in history He was going to place them, and had a specific plan for their lives.  That means that each individual is a special creation, and a child of God.  Each has a inherent God given human dignity. There are no mistakes, and none of us is garbage.

What does that mean for us.  The Golden Rule is one of the basic tenants of humanity. Do unto others as you would have it done unto you.  This means everybody!!.  If you really think about this, and if everyone lived by it, there would be none of the following: slavery, pornography, human trafficking,

rape, unwed mothers, the need for contraception, abortion, euthanasia and even war.

Today is the March for Life in Washington D.C.  It is the 41st annual

March for Life.  It is a protest March for the horrendous decision that was handed down from the Supreme Court of America, saying that it is o.k. for a woman to kill, do away with , the life of a child that is growing inside her womb. What a slap in the face of God!  What dignity is afforded to that innocent life?

The pro- life movement is really all about the dignity of each and every life.

God loves all His children.  That means all of us, and He wants us to love, care for, and treat each human life as a precious gift.  You are a precious, special gift

too..  When we learn to live appreciating everyone as a brother and sister in God’s family then we will live the culture of Life, i.e.  the culture of Human Dignity.

May it come soon.


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