March for Life and Media Blindness

This coming Wednesday, 1/22/2014, people from all over the country and even from outside the country will travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in the March for Life. It’s just possible there are some people who have never heard of it thanks to the media coverage blackout.

A year or so ago someone decided to organize a Million Muslim March in Washington, D.C. The main stream media pounced on it as soon as it was announced. Daily news reports ran for a week or more before the actual event. Newspapers ran editorials and interviewed local people to get their take on the March. The talking heads on the progressive news outlets waxed poetically and passionately about the need for it and the right of the people to do it.

The day of the Million Muslim March counts by the media in attendance  put the number of participants at less than a dozen. There were more reporters and journalist there than March participants. Pictures of the March had to be carefully taken to show a maximum number of attendees but all pictures showed more journalists than actual participants although this was not made clear in the article.

I have been to five March for Life Rallies. I often had to take a vacation day to attend. When I mentioned where I was to my co-workers some asked, “What’s that?” When I explained that it was an annual gathering to promote laws to stop abortion and that it regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees they looked at me like I was trying to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge.

marchforlife3Before the actual March attendees gather on the Mall, the open grass area between the White House and the Washington Monument and the Capitol. It is a huge expanse. Every time I have attended the entire area has been jammed with people. By jammed I mean shoulder to shoulder, front to back with maybe an inch or less of space between you and the people around you. The March fills the entire boulevard as it goes from the Mall to the Supreme Court. marchforlife4This a major city throughway that is I believe six lanes wide. It is curb to curb full of people for the entire March which is more than a mile. Often the front of the March reaches the finish before many people towards the end take their first step.

This is a major event every year. In terms of news value it is equal to major political conventions and sports events. Thanks to stations like EWTN worldwide viewership of the March is counted in the millions. In addition to the Washington, D.C. march there is the March for Life West Coast as well as smaller marches all around the country.  Yet it passes with barely a whisper from the Main Stream Outlets because it does not fit their political agenda.

That should give every person a reason to pause because the Marchers are there to protect ALL human life. Not just the child in the womb but the elderly person in the nursing home and the disabled person in the group home. The pro-choice (they never want to articulate what they are choosing) crowd is led by a group of radicals who actually are OK with Post-Birth abortion up to 36 weeks. They also hold hands with the involuntary euthanasia crowd. When I was in school that was called MURDER.

The Culture of Life will continue to wage battle against the Culture of Death crowd. Just this past week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that pro-life voters are not welcome to live in New York state. There have been worse statements by some rabid pro-choice celebrities over the years.

Ultimately this battle will touch every person that ever comes into existence. It could be you, or me, or our children or grand-children. Their very right to existence is being fought for and the Pro-Choice Media is doing their best to keep everyone ignorant of the facts.

Please pay attention and arm yourself with the Truth!

Warriors World Dad

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3 Responses to March for Life and Media Blindness

  1. Don Mulcare says:

    Thanks Dennis and happy Saint Agnes Day! She bravely died in her innocence, one tough teen.

  2. Don Mulcare says:

    You called it! CBS local and national (22 Jan 2014) had not a word about the March.

  3. Gerry M says:

    I understand what you mean when you tell your coworkers. One of mine said (for Personhood Amendment), you know they might have a different opinion than yours. I just nodded.

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