A Father Who Understands

Everyone who has reached adulthood has known fear of some kind. It could be fear of talking in front of a group of people. It could be nerves before a big competition. There are worse fears. The fear of losing your job, the fear you feel waiting for your child to come home and they’re late.

If you fear talking in front of a group you can deal with it by not doing it or by practicing in front of a smaller group of friends. The fear induced by competition is totally self-created.  You are competing because you want to be the best.

Fear of losing a job is scary because it is often out of our control. However there is unemployment insurance and the chance for another, even a better job in the future. The late child fear can be lessened by working the telephone or going out and looking for them.

For a parent the worse fear is watching your child suffer and feeling helpless to alleviate their suffering. You can call the doctor, take them to the hospital and storm heaven with your prayers, but in each instance you are relying on others to help.

New parents will freak out at colds and sniffles, scraped knees and small tumbles. Experienced parents pause, treat and move on. These are all minor problems. But even seasoned parents will quake with fear when the illness or injury is life threatening. And certainly no sane parent would ever intentionally cause severe harm to their beloved child.

Todays (January 7, 2014) reading tells us that God is love! This is a striking statement because we know that Love sent His Son to Earth to be tortured and killed. He did that so killers, robbers, adulterers, idol worshipers, liars, brigands and thieves all would have the chance for eternal life. God did that not after we reformed but while we were still sinning.

God watched from heaven while His Son was beaten and crucified. The Father must have suffered immensely as He watched His Son suffer. They did that for us.

In the future I will once again experience the horrible feeling of watching one of my children suffer and feeling helpless. It is inevitable because life is harsh at times. I will of course pray it does not happen but if it does I will try to imagine how God the Father must have suffered as He watched His Son be obedient to death on a cross for our Salvation. And I will lift my prayers to Him as one father to another who understands how horrible that feeling is.

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