The students gather at the edge of the Judo mat in single row. The higher ranks are to the left of the instructor. The instructor looks the class over and gives a nod to the most senior student who yells, “Kiotsuke!” 

Ready to train!

Ready to train!

The entire class comes to attention, eyes forward. Ideally they are prepared in body and mind for the training that is about to begin. “Kiotsuke” is Japanese and can be translated as “Attention” but a better translation is “Prepare Your Spirit!”

Every person needs to Prepare Their Spirit for each and every day of their life. We all need to make a conscious decision that we will be engaged mentally, physically and spiritually in our daily activities. Unfortunately it is all too easy to merely go through the motions.

At work and at school we can put ourselves on autopilot (or in a coma) and glide through the day physically present but mentally somewhere else. The worries of life, fatigue and boredom, all these are an obstacle to our full active participation in our life.

“Carpe Diem” is Latin for Seize the Day. It is proclaimed forcefully urging us to Reach out and grab the opportunities that life brings. Put fear and trepidation aside and

                            “Boldly Go Where You Have Not Gone Before!”  


 Use the Gifts and Talents you have been given by God and have developed by Study and Practice to make a Difference in Your Life and the Lives of Others around you. Many of us want to do that but we are stopped by an uncertainty of what we should do Next. In reality it’s not what we should do next but what we Should Have Done Before.

When the Apostles asked Jesus to teach them to pray, He replied,

Our Father,

Who art in Heaven.

Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done …”

God the Father’s will Not Jesus the Son’s will!

Not the Apostles will or my will.

The Our Father tells us how to Seize the Day, where to Boldly Go and How to Prepare Our Spirits. We simply need to seek to do what God wants us to do each and every moment of our life. This is a life lived Simply even if it is Not Easy!

Humility is our acknowledgment that the Best way to live our lives is according to God’s Loving Plan for Us. When we do this we will be the Best Us we can possibly be. And the really Good News is God stands ready to help us with His Strength, Wisdom and Grace.

So Kiotsuke, Carpe Diem and Go Boldly Forth!



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