Jesus as a Father

OK, the title got your attention. No, I am not about to spout heresy and change the concept of the Trinity. You can’t change what you can’t comprehend.

And no, I am not suggesting that Jesus got married and had kids either. I have enough reasons to go to confession, I certainly don’t want to add that.

It occurred to me though that Jesus would be a good role model for how a Christian Father should act. Any man can procreate a child, but that doesn’t make him a father. A father provides love, shelter, nurture, protection, guidance and correction.

A good father should  be Patient, Kind and Gentle. He must be happy with the honest success of others and not see himself as God’s only gift to the world. He must abhor wrong doing and celebrate the truth, especially when it is hard to accept. He should strive to be constant in his behavior so others can count on him. He will endeavor to succeed no matter the cost to him.

When confronted with the woman caught in adultery Jesus did not rejoice in the punishment called for by the law nor did He shirk from dealing with the sin. He rather pointed out to all who were present that they also fell short of the ideal required by the law. Faced with the truth of their own shortcomings they dropped their stones and left, hopefully to begin to live better lives. As for the woman, Jesus chastised her clearly but gently, “Go and Sin no more.”

Father’s need to be aware of their own weaknesses. Better still they should actively try to overcome them. When dealing with the failings of their children they should speak the truth but in Love and not Anger. Good theory, but we all get angry, even Jesus. He drove the money changers from the Temple and chastised the Pharisees as a brood of Vipers. He even got ticked off with Peter , “Get thee behind me Satan!”

Jesus showed Patience and Kindness jesus-with-childrento the little children that the Apostles tried to keep from approaching Jesus. He fed the multitudes even though He was exhausted. Instead of resting He continued to work to meet the needs of others. Good fathers do that. They take their kids to their ball games, attend their class plays and go without sleep to provide for their family.

Jesus completed His mission on Earth even though it cost Him everything. He suffered a painful, humiliating death so we could enter into Heaven. He also gave the Apostles and us our mission to go and do as He did. Do not good earthly fathers pour themselves out for their children but also teach them to stand and do the work that is theirs.

Jesus is our Lord and Savior. He is also our adopted Brother because He gave us His Mother Mary as our Mother. But He is also a prime example of how a father should act. Of course He learned from the Best.

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