It’s Priceless and It’s Free

I get them in the mail with some regularity. Sometimes they are postcards, sometimes they’re fancy gold embossed envelopes that contain heavy bonded letters written in calligraphic script. They are invitations to a free lunch or a free dinner. If I invest only 60 minutes of my time, I will learn how to become financially independent.

The pitch is always about the same few come-ons. A multi-level marketing opportunity, a investment strategy, a franchise opportunity. The promise is also always the same, I can become as rich as I want.


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I learned from my mother a long time ago, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. In fact, if it sounds to good to be true you are better off running away from it. But I have found one opportunity that is definitely worth running towards. It is priceless, even though it is free as far as monetary cost, and it will definitely change your life in a most profound way. That opportunity is Eucharistic Adoration.

As a Catholic I accept the teaching that Jesus is truly and substantially present in the Eucharistic Host. He is more real than I am. He is Truly and Really Present in every tabernacle of the World. Once I accepted that it required some actions on my part. Fortunately for me, Jesus did not wait for me to figure it out, he called and pulled me to Him as I was struggling with the demands of life.

Since then I have made it a practice to at least spend an hour a week in silent prayer in front of the tabernacle. Our church is open Tuesday night for a Holy Hour. It is the best time of the week to refresh and recharge my batteries.

Many Tuesday evenings I am more exhausted than normal and the last thing I want to do is to go to church.  It is almost as if something (or someone) does not want me to go and spend time with Jesus. Every time I feel this way I drag myself to church and at the end of the hour I feel totally refreshed and renewed.

eucharistThe King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, my Messiah, my Savior, my God, is waiting in the tabernacle. Disguised as a wafer of bread, He through Whom the entire Universe was created by the Father, patiently waits for all of us to come and be nourished by His Presence!

The same Jesus who Joseph carried to Egypt, who as a child astounded the Priests in the Temple, who called the Apostles, raised the dead, fed the multitudes, cured the sick, drove out demons, Died and Rose again is now physically present in the nearest Catholic Church.

He is there for us to adore and thank, to apologize to, to beg His help, to complain about our problems or to just spend time with.

We do not have pay an admission fee. We do not have to make an appointment or sneak past a gatekeeper that guard access to the rich and powerful. No! He who is above all simply waits for us to use some of the time He has given us to come on over for a visit.

We hope to join the souls of the just in heaven who are in the presence of Jesus along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We can get a taste of that right now by putting ourselves in front of the nearest tabernacle. It is so much more satisfying than the rubber chicken served at those free dinners and it is an investment that will yield immense benefits.

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  1. Christian says:

    Adoration is most underrated by those who have never tried it.

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