We Were Lied To

I just finished watching a documentary on the History Channel about The Fall of the Third Reich. It contained many snippets of home movies made by both the Germans and Allies and the video was colorized.

Much of the documentary covered material I had seen before, but I did learn something new towards the end. That new information dealt with the liberation of the Death Camps. For the documentary they had scenes from Dachau.

The U.S. forces that liberated Dachau were not prepared to see what was there. Hardened soldiers, many with three years of active combat duty were stunned by the carnage. The soldier whose film was used in the documentary said they had opened up the Darkest Heart of the War.


Ovens at Dachau

The new information I learned was that the Allies forced the German citizens to visit the camps and see with their own eyes the atrocities carried out there. The documentary showed the reaction of the German citizens as they were confronted with the undeniable truth. Stacks of emaciated and twisted corpses, bodies that were skin stretched over bones, placed in ovens like cordwood ready to be burned like refuse. The almost universal reaction of the citizens was, “We were lied to.”

Of course this excuse did not fly. The citizens were labeled liars or worse. The citizens were then ordered to bury the dead. Scenes in the documentary showed German men and women carrying bodies own their shoulders, in wheel barrows and carts to mass graves. Other scenes showed a parade of open coffins being carried through the street. This was real horror, not some made for Hollywood Zombie flick.

Watching the documentary it struck me, the same thing is happening today in the battle over Abortion. 40 million people died in World War II, half of them civilians. A January 2012 estimate for the total number of abortions performed in the United States alone since 1973 was 54,559,615. Since 1980 the number of abortions worldwide is estimated at 1.3 Billion.

The savagery of the abortion process was recently unveiled by the Gosnell case. The familiar excuse, “We did not know,” was heard in many circles. For years graphic pictures of aborted fetuses have been ridiculed as tasteless and obscene. I agree, a picture of a mutilated body is obscene, but more obscene is looking away and claiming, “I was lied to, I did not know.”

The Holocaust is history yet some still try to deny it happened. The modern day holocaust is fact, yet some try to deny it or excuse it with semantics. Look at the pictures, from WW II or today. That is reality. No honest person can claim they do not know the truth. Any adult claiming this is a liar or worse. History is repeating itself only this time on a much larger scale.

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  1. Christian says:

    One wonders how future generations will compare the two Holocausts and the socities that enabled them.

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