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Groundhog Getaway

Phil stared at the radio amused by the reporter’s narration, “Huge crowds have gathered at Gobblers Nob. They have pitchforks, flaming torches, guns and shovels. They move slowly, their aching bodies hobbled by the unrelenting arctic blasts. Their frozen faces … Continue reading

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The Patron Saint of the Klingon Empire

Klingons are interesting characters. Some embody all the best traits of King Arthur’s Knights or Japanese Samurai while others are hard drinking, carousing, trouble makers best fit for an outlaw biker gang. Individual and family honor is a hallmark of a true … Continue reading

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Saint Joseph – A Model for Us

The news is disturbing. A government leader actively seeking to kill any person he deems is a threat to his power. We know he has already killed his own family members in his paranoia. Then there is the news of … Continue reading

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